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ARX® Patella Luxation Long

This is a long knee brace for patella tracking problems. The brace itself it’s made from the breathable ARX® material with excellent ventilation. It has spiral stays on the sides and a lateral patella pad that provides an effective support to the knee cap. The patella pad has an integrated friction surface that provides a very effective support. The model is designed with a lateral patella support which means that it’s available in both left and right. If the support would be needed medially, it’s just to order left for the right knee and right for the left. The elastic straps are attached on the opposite side of the patella pad, providing a dynamic 3-point lever system. The closure over the thigh and calf are made from micro hook and loop. The knee fold is made from the breathable Neptune material which provides an optimal comfort for the user.

· Lateral patella pad with elastic straps
· Integrated friction surface on the pad
· Neptune material in the knee fold

Available in Left or Right model.

SizeCircumference knee, cm
X-Small29-32 cm
Small32-35 cm
Medium35-38 cm
Large38-42 cm
X-Large42-46 cm
XX-Large46-50 cm
XXX-Large50-54 cm
Subluxation or luxation of the patella
patellofemoral pain syndrome or anterior knee pain caused by patella tracking problems.