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CRX Liga X

This is a stable knee brace made from a flat knitted compression material with three individual zones. The brace has also an integrated silicone pad for patella support. It has been fitted with the new MR4997 Active hinge made from A6061 aluminium with extension and flexion stops. The stops are made from injection molded nylon and can stop extension in 0°, 10°, 20°, 30° and 40° as well as flexion 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°.

The hinge covers have a special design which makes it possible to adjust the range of motion when the hinge is fitted in the brace. The covers are open on the back side and can slide forward or backward to access the opening in the hinge. The hinge pockets are made from the new carbon-nylon material that provides a low profile and excellent durability. The hyper extension strap in the back of the brace has a low profile and can be adjusted in the front by micro hook tabs. The thigh and shin part of the brace are fitted with adjustable non elastic straps. For conical thighs there is a new option called PLUS. These sizes are available from M-XXXL and have 3 cm wider circumference over the thigh but the same circumference around the knee and calf as the standard sizes.

· Graded compression in three zones
· Fitted with the new MR4997 Active Hinge
· Hyper-extension strap

SizeCircumference knee (cm)Circumference around the thigh, cmCircumference around the thigh PLUS, cm
X-Small27-29 cm38-40 cm
Small30-32 cm41-43 cm
Medium33-35 cm44-47 cm47-50 cm
Large36-38 cm47-50 cm50-53 cm
X-Large39-41 cm50-53 cm53-56 cm
XX-Large42-44 cm53-56 cm56-59 cm
XXX-Large44-46 cm56-62 cm59-62 cm
Instability in the knee joint due to injury to the cruciate ligaments
collateral ligaments or the meniscus
hyper extension problems
patella instability
inflammations or osteoarthritis.