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DeRoyal XTW powered by The Boa® Closure System

Deroyal has developed a unique cervical collar with a system for easy height adjustment featuring Boa® Technology. The height adjustment is easily and quickly done with the Boa® disc. The adjustability makes it possible to fine tune the DeRoyal XTW collar to accommodate most patients.

To prevent the patients from tampering with the height adjustment disc there is a compliance ring included that can be applied to secure it. The collar has a large trachea opening for easy access. The pads are made in pressure absorbing foam that transports moisture away from the skin. The posterior part has flexible wings over the occipital area to reduce the risk for pressure but yet provide good stability. Just below the Boa® system there is a sternal wing that is flexible to provide good weight distribution and reduce the risk for pressure.

DeRoyal XTW powered by Boa® Technology is made in a universal size. Can be ordered with an extra set of pads included or separately.

7-14 centimeter
Cervical instability after trauma
Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Cervical Spondylosis
Degenerative diseases
Whiplash or Cervical Disc Herniation.