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Engineered to give enchanced draping qualities, this unlimited shelf life material conforms well while maintaining a controlled stretch. When cut or trimmed, DeRoyal Drape will self seal along it´s edges, and resists finger imprinting during application, improving surface finish. DeRoyal Drape is excellent for post surgical splinting (with sensitive patients) because little handling is required during application. For optimal performance, heat in water at 70-75° C, for approx. 1 minute. For permanent bonding, remove the surface coating and heat with a heat gun before pressing together. Recommended use: Finger, thumb, hand based and forearm splints. A good platform for dynamic splinting.


TH 3050-183.2 mmNon-perforatedBeige30 x 45 cm
TH 3035-181.6 mmNon-perforatedBeige30 x 45 cm