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ErixOne, complete kit

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ErixOne shoulder brace, complete with all accessories (MR981 Chest Belt, MR983 Pads for Additional support and MR982 Extra stabilization Straps)

The shoulder joint is one of the most advanced joints in the body. Muscular stability and good proprioception are important factors for a functional shoulder joint. Mediroyal ErixOne is a patent pending shoulder brace that has been developed to provide the shoulder joint with various degrees of stability. It can provide increased proprioception and bio-feedback to the joint, mechanical stability and abduction- as well as rotation control. ErixOne is a modular system that consists of the shoulder brace that can be combined with a chest belt, stabilization straps and pads. This provides almost unlimited possibilities for individual stability and support. ErixOne has been designed with a combination of elastic and non-elastic materials as well as silicone tapes on the inside of the brace. These combinations provide the shoulder joint with mechanical stability, control of range of motion up to 70 degrees of abduction. The closure strap works together with the brace construction to lift the shoulder joint and to provide a pre-stretch of the back side of the brace.

Insulates the body heat
This provides an effective suspension and position of the shoulder joint. ErixOne is made of NeoTex that insulates the body heat. The outside of the brace has a loop fabric that is hook receivable. By using the semi-elastic stabilizing hook straps, additional compression can be provided locally. The hook provides a good and secure position and can easily be changed or updated. This makes it possible to transfer forces from the outside of the brace to the skin which increases the proprioception and the bio-feedback. Abduction and rotation control is achieved by supplementing the shoulder brace with a chest belt and the extra stabilizing straps. The straps are available in two different widths and can be used either for abduction control only or a combined abduction- and rotation control.

Unique on the market
ErixOne works excellent for ligament- as well as muscle injuries to the shoulder joint. The flexibility with the different options to add further stability and support makes it unique on the market. The brace also works excellent for patients that need a suspension effect to unload the shoulder joint or the muscles.

MR990 Shoulder Brace, complete with all accessories, XS-XL, Left/Right.
MR980 Shoulder Brace, only brace, XS-XL, Left/right.
MR981 Chest belt for ErixOne/ErixTwo, S-L.
MR982 Extra stabilization straps for abduction control, 50 mm and 30 mm, plus covers.
MR983 Pads for additional support. Half-moon shaped in Right and Left, plus one circular pad.

SizesCircumference measurement, biceps
X-Small24-28 cm
Small28-32 cm
Medium32-35 cm
Large35-38 cm
X-Large38-42 cm
Post shoulder luxations
rotator cuff injuries
A/C-joint instabilities
muscle injuries and general shoulder instabilities.