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ErixThree, arm-sling kit

This is at very flexible kit that allows you to further unload the shoulder joint together with your ErixThree shoulder brace. The Kit has been designed to be used together with the shoulder brace and can´t be used separately. The kit consists of two arm straps that can be attached onto the shoulder brace and carry the arm. They can be applied either over both shoulders or onto one side.

To reduce the pressure over the arm a special arm-cradle with low temperature thermoplastic has been designed. The thermoplastic piece can be formed individually over the arm and then inserted into the pocket. This will assist in removing pressure on the lower arm which can lead to edema and pressure points.

The arm can be carried easier which will further unload the shoulder joint. To prevent the elbow from sliding out of the arm-sling, there is a shorter elbow strap that can be applied to secure it. The kit is modular and can easily be adjusted to the size of the shoulder brace, and works both for left and right. 

Universal storlek. Fungerar både för höger och vänster.