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ErixThree Neuro Shoulder

ErixThree neuro shoulder (PDF)

ErixThree® Neuro is a new shoulder brace that has been developed for neurological disorders. In many neurological disorders the muscular activity are inhibited which leads to a shoulder instability where the shoulder joint subluxes anteriorly. The ErixThree® Neuro has been developed to dynamically support the shoulder posteriorly to create better position for the shoulder. The ErixThree® Neuro is a modular shoulder support that can be applied with a shoulder strap to support the shoulder further or with two elastic hook tape straps that can be applied like elastic tape to provide specific muscle facilitation.

ErixThree® Neuro has been made in a ventilated NRX® elastic material to provide good dynamic stretch of the brace. On the inside friction surfaces has been laminated over specific muscle groups; the anterior and posterior parts as well as over the arm part. These friction surfaces are designed to provide enhanced proprioception and to prevent the brace from sliding. The shoulder brace should be worn with a t-shirt under to protect sensitive skin. The outside of ErixThree® Neuro is made from a hook receivable material in order to attach reinforcements like the elastic hook tapes and the shoulder strap directly on to the surface.

The closure of the shoulder brace is made from NRX® micro hook and can be attached on the anterior part. There is an extension unit that adds 10 cm more length to the chest strap. This extension can easily be applied on the strap. The anterior part of the brace also has two open pockets with low profile metal stays that prevents the anterior part to rise when applying the brace. The stays can be molded to decrease pressure over the clavicle. The arm part has two NRX® micro hooks with a lining over the arm to prevent skin irritation. The lining has Neptune™ material on the inside for optimal comfort.

Start by opening the arm part and slide it up over the arm. Close the straps around the arm and make sure that the lining covers the hook closures. Stretch the chest strap slightly and run it over the scapula, then in under the opposite arm pit and apply the brace in the front. The shoulder brace provides a light posterior pull of the shoulder in order to provide a posterior safe position passively.

Shoulder Strap
The shoulder strap can be used to provide more abduction support or when the shoulder joint has been completely dislocated. Apply the shoulder strap on the front surface of the chest strap on the opposite shoulder. Run the strap up over the neck and below the C7 vertebrae and then attach the strap onto the lateral surface of the brace. This provides abduction support, external rotation and further posterior support to the joint. You can alternate the attachment point in order to get different effects.

Elastic Hook Tape Straps
The unique elastic hook tape straps can be applied on the surface to provide extra stability and muscle facilitation. Apply the strap over a specific muscle group, stretch the tape slightly and then attach over the area.

In combination with the NRX® Strap

The ErixThree® Neuro can also be combined with the NRX® Strap to control and assist supination. Since the complete upper extremity is like a chain of joints the shoulder acts like a base for the stability. The NRX® Strap provides external rotation to the thumb and lower arm and can then be attached onto the shoulder brace. The NRX® Strap is not included in the package and must be bought separately.

Sizes:Circumference biceps
XX-Small19-24 cm
X-Small23-27 cm
Small27-32 cm
Medium32-35 cm
Large35-38 cm
X-Large38-42 cm
General shoulder instabilities
Shoulder capsulitis/Froze shoulder syndrome
Shoulder impingement syndrome
mild to moderate rotator cuff instabilities
Acromioclavicular joint instabilities