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EXTO Inter

Patients that already have formed a kyphotic curve are risking accelerating that even further over time. Osteoporosis over time can also lead to compression fractures that can be both difficult and take a long time to heal. That’s why we developed the EXTO® Inter brace in order to bridge the gap between elastic posture supports and more rigid braces.

EXTO® Inter has been based on EXTO® Light with the same low profile and easy application design but with the difference that it has an integrated rigid spinal insert made from dural aluminium. The spinal insert can be adjusted to the individual spinal curve of the patient. The pocket for the insert is well padded in order to provide a good comfort. The opening of the pocket is hidden under the elastic part of the lumbar belt. The belt is slightly flexible over the attachment over the insert pocket but non-elastic on the sides. This provides a good anchor for the spinal insert in order to provide a good extension effect to the thoracolumbar junction and the upper thoracic area.

What make EXTO® Inter unique are the integrated straps in the shoulder straps that allows for added individual extension support to the upper thoracic area. The straps can be adjusted asymmetrically in order to provide more support to one side. This is especially useful for patients with a slight scoliotic curve in the spine in addition to the kyphosis.

The EXTO® Inter is made from the Neptune™ material which is a breathable membrane fabric which is soft and comfortable and provides a cooling effect on the skin. The material has a quick drying function which makes it very suitable for longterm wear. The lumbar part has an integrated friction system to prevent the brace from sliding during wear. EXTO® Inter can be used both to treat stable spinal compression fractures as well as an interim solution after the fracture has healed in order to unload the fracture area. A patient that has suffered a spinal compression fracture has an increased risk to develop a second fracture in the area up to 16 months after. It’s therefore important to continue postural support and training after the fracture has healed in order to prevent further fractures in the future.

EXTO® Inter offers:
· A low profile design
· A stable extension support
· Adjustable shoulder straps.

EXT150 insert (PDF)
EXT150 CE instruction (PDF)

SizesBody heightWaist
Petite145-170 cm60-80 cm
Small170-190 cm60-80 cm
Standard170-190 cm80-110 cm
Stable compression fractures in the thoracic area
moderate to severe kyphosis
mild scoliosis in the thoracic area
osteoporosis and post-fracture postural treatment.