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EXTO™ stable

The EXTO Stable brace is designed to be used for vertebral compression fractures due to osteoporosis. It can also be used to decrease kyphosis and to stabilize the spine to enhance postural stability. Osteoporosis is common in the Northern Hemisphere due to the lack of sunlight in the winter time. That makes it impossible for the body to naturally form vitamin D, which is needed to be able to absorb calcium. Lack of calcium can lead to a less dense bone structure. Smoking, long-term treatments with cortisone, being female and growing older are all factors that can influence the osteoporosis negatively. EXTO™ Stable can be used in most activities to correct, protect and off-load. The best medicine for osteoporosis is staying active. A controlled activity is important for both the healing of a spinal compression fracture as well as maintaining both the active as well as the passive range of motion in the spine. EXTO™ Stable is made from a HF-welded material that provides high comfort, padding and function. It should be used outside clothes, making donning and doffing easy. The brace consists of three active parts: the lumbar belt, the spinal part and the shoulder straps.

The lumbar belt The lumbar belt is made from a combination of elastic and semi-elastic materials. It´s purpose is to securely anchor the rest of the brace to the base of the spine. It’s therefore important to apply it low and tight for the first fitting. There are two straps that attach in the front to provide an optimal lumbar support, they should be adjusted individually.

The spinal parts The spinal part consists of a spinal metal construction that is used to stabilize the spine. It’s made of aluminum that should be adjusted individually to the patient anatomy. The spinal metal construction slides out from the inside of the lower part of the brace.

The shoulder straps The shoulder straps are made from multiple layers of elastic and padding material to off-load pressure but yet provide functional stability. The shoulder straps are connected individually to the pull straps that should be attached to the front of the brace. The EXTO™ Stable brace should be applied as a back-pack. Hang the two shoulder straps onto the shoulders. Apply the lumbar part and adjust the compression. After that you adjust the shoulder straps. EXTO™ Stable can help you to perform the activities that you want. Keeping active is the best medicine. The flexible adjustment of the brace makes it necessary to try it on individually for the best size. A kyphotic patient might have a shorter body height than normal, that way one size larger might provide a better extension effect due to the longer lever arm.

SizeBody heightWaist measurement
SmallUpp till 165 cm75-95 cm
Medium165-180 cm85-105 cm
Large180-195 cm95-115 cm
X-Large180-195 cm105-130 cm