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Mediroyal exto light

Fact sheet EXT100 (PDF)

Osteoporosis is a big problem among females in the northern hemisphere. The lack of sunlight in the winter makes the body produce less vitamine D, which is essential to be able to absorb calcium.

There are many other factors that can play a role in the risk of developing osteoporosis. Some can be controlled like not smoking, eating a calcium rich diet and living an active lifestyle. Patients that are under long-term treatment with cortisone have a higher risk for developing osteoporosis. Some of the factors, like growing older and gender are things we can't control. A good posture and extension support can both help to correct, protect as well reduce pain.

Mediroyal EXTO™ Light has been specially designed for that. It’s easy to apply with the same application design as a back-pack. The complete design has been patented and consists of several semi-elastic areas, made of a thin, elastic and breathable membrane textile that has been stitched together. Over the shoulder area there is a soft and comfortable material to prevent irritation. The thoracic area has a Y-shaped part that assists extension effectively. The lower works as a lumbar support with silicone strips on the inside to prevent migration. The shoulder straps are linked to two nylon straps that are hidden inside the design to provide a high friction, making it easy to adjust the extension support without much force. The design has also been fitted with a low profile hook that makes a good grip onto the material. Special tabs have been added to all the hook straps to make opening easier.

Mediroyal EXTO™ Light can help you to perform the activities you want.

SizeHeightWaist circumference
Pediatric120-145 cm45-60 cm
Petite145-170 cm60-80 cm
Small170-190 cm60-80 cm
Standard170-190 cm80-110 cm