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Mediroyal Hallux Valgus Strap

Hallux Valgus is usually a painful condition where the big toe slides in against the other toes and causes a bunion over the joint area.

The usual treatment includes biomechanical insoles, metatarsal pads to support the arch and active foot exercises. A patient that starts to get Hallux valgus usually lacks the possibility to do active abduction and adduction of the big toe. This lack weakens the active stability of the toe and can probably speed up the process further. By training the abductor and adductor muscles some patients have been able to slow down the process and increase active range of motion.

The Mediroyal Hallus Valgus strap is made of an elastic loop material that provides a good support. The toe sleeve is attached over the toe. The strap is then applied either around the heel or another turn around the ankle. The elasticity of the strap is able to pull the toe out at every step. Make sure not to pull too hard as the optimal effect is really reached when the toe is straight. The strap has the highest effect when used during activity. Make sure to use it in a shoe that has enough space. You can also use it as a night strap but the effect is quite limited.

CE instruction MR5410 (PDF)

Universal size, shoe size 35-46. Available in Left or Right model.
Hallux valgus.