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Mediroyal Omox Zip Shoulder Immobilizer

The Omox Zip is a shoulder immobilizer that provides abduction support through a waist pillow. The pillow is also equipped with a 15 degree angeled wedge that can provide fine adjustment to the position of the shoulder. The belt is fitted with a swivel buckle that adjusts to the individual body contour of the patient. The arm sling has a unique anatomical design with elbow joint condyle cushions made from slow recovery foam. These two pads decrease pressure over the condyles and provides higher comfort during long term immobilization.

The sling is fitted with additional hook straps that can be used to provide additional support over opening of the sling. The sling is also fitted with a zipper which can, in the later stage of the rehabilitation allow the patient to take out maximum range of motion once or twice a day after consultation with the therapist. This will decrease the risk of developing a contracture of the biceps muscle and will promote activity under control. The arm sling is attached onto the waist pillow by a double hook strap that secures the position of the sling. The neck strap is attached on the front of the sling by a hook strap attached to a swivel buckle. This buckle is self locking and will allow the strap to adjust individually to the patients anatomy. The buckle can be mounted for either left or right configuration.

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SizeMeasurement from the elbow tip to the MCP V joint
Smalla30-36 cm
Medium34-38 cm
Large38-42 cm
Post operative immobilization after rotator cuff tears
bankart lesions
glenohumeral dislocations
capsule repairs and muscle/tendon repair.