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Mediroyal Origo, pollus short wrist support beige

This model is made from a three-piece design to provide an optimal fit around the wrist. The short thumb piece provides a good support for the CMC-joint and the thenar eminence. There is a dynamic seam over the wrist to provide extra stability when the splint is loaded. The lower end of the brace is made without an edging tape to provide a higher degree of elasticity. The splint pocket is made from double woven nylon for maximum durability. The thumb grip is adjustable. This model is supplied with the stable wrist splint. Right or Left model.

CE instruction MR2212 (PDF)

SizeCircumference measurement, wrist
XX-Small12-13 cm
X-Small13-14 cm
Small14-16 cm
Medium16-18 cm
Large18-20 cm
X-Large20-22 cm
XX-Large21-23 cm
Wrist instability and problems from the CMC-joint
arthritis or tendonitis.