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Mediroyal Proxi® UCL

The Mediroyal Proxi® UCL Thumb is a new thumb in the Proxi® line, designed for patients with injuries to the Ulnar Collateral ligament. It can be used both directly after milder trauma or post-operative after the casting. It can also be used for general thumb instabilities to provide support to the CMC- and MCP joints.

The unique Proxi® technique combines the stability of thermoplastics in combination with the comfort of a textile brace. The 2,2 mm molecular modified thermoplastic that has maximum rigidity in the vertical direction but flexible in the horizontal direction. That allows the thermoplastic to be modified to the right size of the patient simply by using the hands. Fold the thumb part in order to make the fit tighter or open it up to make the size bigger. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Mediroyal Proxi® UCL is made in the popular Neptune™ material that is breathable, hydrodynamic and quick drying. It has been fitted with low profile hook that can be attached on the top surface. The thermoplastic has been laminated under a protective TPU film. The thumb part is longer to reach up to the IP-joint to provide support. The thermoplastic creates two shields on each side of the IP-joint to provide stability. Along with the shields there is also an additional IP-strap that attaches around the thumb to add more individual stability. The palmar side of the upper part of the thumb piece has a flexible zone that allows trimming in order to allow gradual flexion of the IP-joint when that is allowed in the rehabilitation process. The IP-strap can then be cut away when less immobilization is needed. The design doesn’t need any edging tapes which make it possible to adjust outline by a pair of scissors. Avoid cutting exactly over the area where the thermoplastic piece has been integrated and over the hook closures. All other areas can be trimmed without restrictions.

• Integrated 2,2 mm micro perforated thermoplastic for stability
• Adjustable IP-strap for additional stability
• Flexible IP-zone for gradual flexion of the IP-joint.
• Low profile hook closure that can attach anywhere on the surface

Available in Left and Right model

Proxi® is a registered trademark of Mediroyal Sweden AB

Sizes:Circumference (cm)
X-Small13-14 cm
Small14-16 cm
Medium16-18 cm
Large18-20 cm
X-Large20-22 cm
Injuries to the thumb’s Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL)
Radial Collateral Ligament (RCL)
distortion injuries to the MCP or general thumb instabilities.