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NRX® Patella Luxation

A small, low profile and effective knee brace for patella subluxation, which has been designed to be able to wear under clothes. The brace has a bilateral design which means that it can be used left or right, medially or laterally just by turning the brace. The patella pad has two elastic straps integrated that provide a direct force to the patella. To further increase the effect of the pad it has been laminated with a friction material that also works as an antisliding surface, securing the pad in position during activity. The hook and loop closure on the brace and straps are made with micro hook and loop. The loop surface has been integrated into the side of the brace, allowing a larger size variation in each brace. The elastic straps can be attached on the surface of the brace. The knee fold is made from the breathable Neptune material which provides an optimal comfort for the user.

CE instruction NRX430 (PDF) 

SizeCircumference knee, cm
X-Small29-32 cm
Small32-35 cm
Medium35-38 cm
Large38-42 cm
X-Large42-46 cm
XX-Large46-50 cm
Subluxation or luxation of the patella
patellofemoral pain syndrome or anterior knee pain caused by patella tracking problems.