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Together with the Swedish CPO Lars Eghamn, MediRoyal has developed this compact and functional mirror box - the PodoBox. A mirror box is an excellent tool when working with lower extremity problems. The plantar loading and loading of the arches can easily be observed, both by the patient as well as the practitioner. Varus- and valgus of the heel and ankle can also easily be diagnosed.

PodoBox has a low height making it easy for the patient to step up and down from it. The mirror is placed in the base of the box. This makes it easy to see. Two 8W fluorescent lights have been mounted on the base to provide optimal light conditions. The glass is made of 10 mm hardened glass which makes it safe and scratch resistant. The PodoBox has also been fitted with adjustable feet to compensate for uneven surfaces.


Height:25 cm
Length:64 cm
Width:35, 5 cm
Weight:10 kg