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Pruventor is a new designed ortosis that can be used for prevention and treatment of heel ulcers on bed laying patients. It can also effectively be used to off-load pressure on patients with newly developed ulcers. The rear portion of the orthosis has been specially designed to off-load the heel area effectively. The heel area has an open design to reduce any pressure but also to be able to make quick inspections of the heel condition. Over the ankle there is a cross-strap that can be applied to stabilize the foot and ankle to prevent plantar flexion. Over the proximal area there is also a strap that can be used to additional support. The cover is made of a medical barrier fabric that provides high comfort and prevents fluids from being absorbed. The orthosis can easily be wiped with alcohol or washed in machine 60 degrees Celsius. The ortosis is filled with cluster fibers, a nylon fiber that retains its shape, even during long-term pressure. To prevent rotation, the supplied wedge can be used. It’s attached with velcro and helps to stabilize the orthosis.

SizesShoe size
To prevent pressure against the heel region or to off-load an ulcer area
minor burn injuries to prevent contractors.