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Spinal braces often require a good strength and grip to be able to apply and handle the brace. The compromise has often been to provide a less stable solution so the patient will be able to handle it.

That’s why we have developed SpinoQuick®. It has a unique dual-dynamic system that requires low strength in order to provide very good lumbar compression. The system uses a friction nylon cord in combination with a posterior plastic panel system to make application easy without having to use a lot of force for the pulling straps. The lumbar support comes from an injection molded posterior panel that has been integrated into a pocket with a zipper below. The pocket is attached onto the brace by snap buttons, which makes it easy to remove to reach the cord system in case of maintenance. The plastic insert can be adjusted by using a heat gun if needed.

The front closure has been designed to make applications easy. Each of the closure parts have been stabilized by a thin PE reinforcement and have got handles to make it easy to handle. Simply slide the hands into the handles and close the brace. The nylon cords have been attached onto a low profile hook that can be attached on the front loop material of the brace. The low profile hook parts are securely attached but yet easy to open.

CE instruction SPQ100 (PDF)

SizeCircumference around the waist
Small73-81 cm
Medium81-89 cm
Large89-97 cm
X-Large97-105 cm
XX-Large105-113 cm
Lumbosacral or lumbar instability
low back pain
slipped discs
osteoarthritis or other degenerative diseases.