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Ultralign LSO Powered by The Boa Closure System®

The Ultralign LSO is an innovative lumbal orthotic system that provides optimal stabilization and immobilization in combination with high patient comfort. The Boa Closure System® has been applied to Ultralign which provide a highly functional upgrade.

The Ultralign powered by The Boa Closure System® provides the patient with an increased support and compression and makes application much easier, even for patients with difficulties to close conventional spinal orthoses. The Boa Closure System® is easily applied by Hook on the back side. The system is opened by pulling out the disc. The cables will extend during the attachment of the front Hook to the front side of the brace. The disc is then locked by pressing it. Compression and support will be obtained by turning the disc.

Ultralign LSO powered by The Boa System® is available in two versions; Male version 15 degrees (Non-Tapered) and Female version 15 degrees (Tapered version). Components from the original Ultralign system can be used to extend functionality.

Small79-90 cm79-90 cm79-90 cm
Medium86-96 cm81-96 cm86-99 cm
Large94-104 cm90-104 cm96-107 cm
X-Large96-114 cm96-114 cm96-114 cm
Small63-79 cm63-79 cm68-83 cm
Medium71-90 cm73-91 cm81-96 cm
Large81-96 cm81-96 cm90-104 cm
X-Large90-106 cm91-106 cm96-116 cm
Article number Ultralign Boa® 15 degrees
SizeMale Non-TaperedFemale Tapered